Texas Teddy Bear Factory

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today Melissa went to the Texas Teddy Bear Factory in Grapevine Texas. Our friends Mr. Ken and Mrs. Shari gave Melissa a gift Certificate for a combination of Birthday and Christmas. If you haven't heard of Texas Teddy Bear Factory it's like Build a Bear. Melissa wasn't sure about what to do, so we just let her pick out different animals. At one point she had at least 5 animals in her arms. She only had enough money for two animals and one outfit. She ended up having the Cat and Elephant left in her arms. Once we figured out what animals she was going home with then it was time to stuff the Cat and Elephant. Melissa also got to pick out a noise maker for each one. The cat has the song "you are my sunshine" and the Elephant has "twinkle twinkle little star". Melissa wasn't sure about the lady stuffing the animals. She just didn't understand. After the lady stuffed the animals Melissa got to pick out a star and kiss it. Then she placed it in the Cat and Elephant. Then it was time to pick out one outfit. I thought the Cat need an outfit. The Cat and Elephant came with their own Birth Certificate. Kiki the cat was born on 12/31/2008 at Texas Teddy Bear Factory and belongs to Melissa. She was stuffed with fluff and love.
Ellie the Elephant was born on 12/31/2008 at Texas Teddy Bear Factory and belongs to Melissa. She was stuffed with fluff and love. The lady at the store help me pick out the names.
All in all it was fun and I think Melissa will enjoy going back when she is older.

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Melissa not sleeping at night

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As I said in my last post Melissa hasn't been sleeping at night. It started over a week ago on the 22nd. She woke up around 11:00pm screaming like something had hurt her. At first we let her cry it out, but her cry got worse so I went in to check on her. She was scared to death. It took me about 30-40 minutes to get her to calm down. I checked her over and nothing was wrong with her. No fever, no wet diaper, nothing. I know it wasn't her teeth bothering her because she has never acted like this before. I had to rock her back to sleep finally after and hour of getting her calm down and back to sleep I but her back in her bed. Two hours later the same thing again. Screaming!! It's not a cry like I know it was screaming and calling out for Dada this time. Paul goes in this time to check on her and she is standing up with her arms out. She held on tight to Dada and didn't want to let go. What is going on with her? I thought maybe she is having bad dreams. I read that at this age night terrors start. Could she be hurting and we don't know it? It's so hard to know when she can't tell you whats wrong. Fast forward a week and it's still going on.
I called her doctors office on Monday and talked with the nurse told her what was going on. She asked all kinds of questions, have you changed anything in her room, has she been eating new foods, etc......... She suggested that I bring Melissa in that afternoon for a check up. Melissa has always been a good sleeper so this was not normal for her. Her doctor check her out and no ear infections, but did find that she has two ulcers in her mouth. One on each cheek. Could that be causing this? We don't know. Her doctor did suggest we give her Motrin before bed to help with pain of the ulcers and also give her Benadryl that helps numb the ulcers? He told us this last time she had ulcers in her throat. We all know that Benadryl makes you sleep also. Another thing is Melissa has a night light and he suggest that we get a blue light bulb and see if that helps. It still gives you enough light to see, but its' not as bright as a regular bulb.
So Monday night we give her the medicine and we didn't hear from her until 7:00am. PTL we all got some good sleep! Last night same thing, but this time with the blue light. She slept until 3:30, but woke up talking and playing in her bed. I didn't check on her, she sounded like she was ok. Then about 30 minutes she started crying. I was hoping she would put her self back to sleep. Nope I had to go in an check on her. Her diaper was wet so I changed it and back to bed she went. She put herself to sleep.

I wonder to myself if the Benadryl and Motrin are really working or is she just going through a faze! No one knows. After tonight we are supposed to take her off of either the Motrin or Benadryl and she how she does. I think the Benadryl will be first! I don't like giving her that stuff.

It has been a long week for all of us. If you have been through this with your child or kids I would love to hear what you have to say. If Melissa is having bad dreams I don't know what to do for her.


Our Christmas 12/25/08

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I had every intention to post this video over the weekend, but we have been very busy. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great Christmas. This year was so much fun with Melissa. Last year she was only 6 months old and didn't know what was going on. This year Melissa loved everything about Christmas. DD flew in on Tuesday and stayed with us until Friday. Our Christmas Eve was nice, we stayed home and made Santa Cookies. Melissa helped us with that. She loved eating the cookie dough and the icing! That night Paul read us the Christmas story and then it was time for bed, but before bed we had to make sure the cookies and milk where out for Santa.

Christmas morning started early for us (6:30am) Melissa has been having sleeping problems. That's another post coming soon. Melissa wasn't sure at first what was going on, but it didn't take her long to get in to opening up gifts. Santa brought her a Kitchen with play food, two Elmo videos, a toddler Bible and a new blanket. Other gifts she got where lots of books, a new piano, microphone, Basketball goal (from us), a rocking chair and other things. I tell you she is spoiled already!

Paul and I got some neat things also. I got a lot of kitchen items that I asked for. Since I cook at least 3 meals a day I needed some new items. Melissa got me a gift certificate for a Facial! Yeah Melissa you know Mommy needs to take care of herself. Paul got book, movies, lots of Starbucks gift cards.

After Melissa's nap we headed to Paul's sister for Christmas Dinner. Melissa got more gifts at Aunt Maggie's and Uncle Kevin's. She got her 1st tea set, her 1st apron. She got another gift that I need to take back because she already had this toy. It was a special day that Melissa got to spend Christmas with both her grandmothers. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas week spending it with family.

We look forward to a great 2009.

Here is the video, sorry it's long!


Christmas Eve

We want to wish all our blogger friends a Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family have a nice day tomorrow. We plan on staying home tonight making cookies for Santa and watching a Christmas movie. Tomorrow we will be home in the morning opening up gifts, taking a nap and then head over to Aunt Maggie's (Paul's sister) for Christmas Dinner. Melissa will get to be with both her Grandmothers tomorrow! That will be a special time.

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2nd Christmas Gathering

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last night we met up with my (Traci) side of the family for dinner. My mom wanted to see all the cousins and her brother. We don't have time to be go from house to house. So everyone was nice enough to met us for dinner. We had a great time talking and laughing. It's nice to visit with the ones you love!

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Elmo Slippers

Monday, December 22, 2008

I bought Melissa some Elmo Slippers yesterday and she loves them. The socks aren't keeping her little feet warm. As soon as she put the slippers on it was funny watching her walk around in them. She cried when we took them off to get ready for bed. Today she has been wearing them all day long, other than nap time.

Christmas Gathering #1

Monday, December 22, 2008
On Saturday we had our first Christmas Gathering with Paul's brother and his family, Paul's sister and her family and Paul's mom (Grammy). We met at Maggie's house for Dinner and fellowship. We love being around the family and Melissa loved playing with her older cousins. Jordan is 4, Sydney is 9, Conner is 13 and Courtney is 21. Melissa is the baby of the family. We miss the other two cousins who could not be with us. Jakob is 22 and Lisa is 29.
Grammy made a great dinner and also made a birthday for Uncle Dan! It was great. After dinner Melissa, Sydney and Jordan found the piano and played songs for us. The guys headed upstairs to watch the Cowboys play and us girls made a Gingerbread house. Melissa didn't help until it was time to decorate the house and try to eat the hard candy! We had a great night with the family.
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Melissa is 18 Months today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That's right she is a year and half today! Oh no two is right around the corner! Melissa had her 18 month check up today and boy has she grown in three months. Her weight is 27 lbs (90-95%) and her height is 33 inches (90%). I can tell she has gotten taller, she is able to reach things that she knows not to touch. She can climb on the couch better with out using the pillows. She got one shot today and didn't even cry! What a big girl!

Melissa has been busy over the last couple of months and I'm sorry I haven't been as good at keeping my blog up. Since October Melissa drop her 2nd nap and now only takes a 2 hour nap during the day. That's my time to clean and do what ever else needs to be done before she wakes up. Melissa is talking more and more. One of her favorite things to say is "I see you" . She is also learning the song Jesus loves me. She can say "the bible tells me so". I have been trying to get this on video, but it hasn't happen yet. Oh so much going on, she is learning to play with her babies and bears. She got in to the diapers one day and was trying to put a diaper on her bear. I watched her work so hard at it, but it just wasn't working out for her. She came to me for help. She will try and feed the babies and the bears.

Melissa is also showing a new side called "lay down and scream if I don't get my way" I know that anyone who has been through this knows what I'm talking about!

We had a break through this past weekend. From the first word that Melissa said Paul and I have been trying to get Melissa to say Mama. She has Dada down, but just would not say Mama. She calls me Dada! When we show her a picture of Paul and I, we ask her "who is that", she will say " Dada and Dada". It sounds bad! On Sunday I thought it's time to try a new word, Mommy! Did she say it? YES!!!! She not only said Mommy, but pointed right at me and said it. She has known along, but I just didn't say the right word.

Here are some pictures and video of Melissa doing some funny things.

Here is Melissa giving her bear a drink in the Highchair. Yes, she put the bear in the Highchair!
Check out the bear, can you see it's diaper?

Off to some place I go! Oh she looks so big with her backpack on! Melissa found her backpack and thinks it's fun to walk around for hours with it on. Don't you even think about taking it off or she will have big fit! One day I had to hide the backpack from her. She was looking all over for it!

Melissa has found that my shoe are a lot of fun!

Melissa's CF Appointment

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Melissa had her CF appointment today. She is doing well PTL!!! Melissa continues to gain weight. Even though she doesn't eat everything Mom cooks for her and throws it on the floor she is 27 lbs. She has gained almost 3lbs in 3 months. That's awesome! Melissa blood work from 3 months ago showed that her vitamin D level is low. It's nothing to be alarmed with, but since she doesn't drink enough milk that might be why it is low. Lucky us we get to give her liquid vitamin D. Oh this is fun since she doesn't take the other liquid vitamins. We can put this in her drinks and food.

Every time we go for her visit/check ups, I think God for Melissa being healthy. I just found out from a friend of mine who has a student that is 17. He has been sick for a very long time and just found out that he has CF. Yes, at 17 he was diagnosed. I have heard of other being in there 20's and 30's being diagnosed. Please pray for Taylor and his family. I'm going to be contacting this family soon so they can have someone to talk to. I remember that day so well when we found out about Melissa. I know what this family is going through.

Melissa's visit with Santa

Friday, December 5, 2008

I took Melissa to visit Santa yesterday. A friend of mine told me about a clothing store that has the same Santa every year. Last year we didn't want to take Melissa to visit Santa because she was still little and the GERMS. So Santa (Dada) came to visit Melissa last year. This year since this place wasn't in the mall there were no lines and not a lot of people in the store. I felt good that Melissa got to visit Santa, it just part of the memories I want her to have. Just because she has CF doesn't mean she can't do what other kids do. We just have to fine ways not to be around all the people and germs in the winter.

Melissa did really well with Santa. She let him hold her and when he would say Ho Ho Ho she would just laugh. The store also had a carousel rides. Melissa had her eyes on that. I wasn't going to let her on it because of the germs, but I thought I can clean her hands after she is done. Big mistake because she didn't want to get off the thing. She cried and cried, but got over fast when we left.

I have another picture of Santa and Melissa, but I can't show you yet. I'm using that picture for our Christmas cards and since my family reads this blog I have to wait. This picture is sweet of them.