Melissa's visit with Santa

Friday, December 5, 2008

I took Melissa to visit Santa yesterday. A friend of mine told me about a clothing store that has the same Santa every year. Last year we didn't want to take Melissa to visit Santa because she was still little and the GERMS. So Santa (Dada) came to visit Melissa last year. This year since this place wasn't in the mall there were no lines and not a lot of people in the store. I felt good that Melissa got to visit Santa, it just part of the memories I want her to have. Just because she has CF doesn't mean she can't do what other kids do. We just have to fine ways not to be around all the people and germs in the winter.

Melissa did really well with Santa. She let him hold her and when he would say Ho Ho Ho she would just laugh. The store also had a carousel rides. Melissa had her eyes on that. I wasn't going to let her on it because of the germs, but I thought I can clean her hands after she is done. Big mistake because she didn't want to get off the thing. She cried and cried, but got over fast when we left.

I have another picture of Santa and Melissa, but I can't show you yet. I'm using that picture for our Christmas cards and since my family reads this blog I have to wait. This picture is sweet of them.


Kecia said...

How sweet is Melissa!
God bless you all!!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I have nominated you for a blog award, b/c your blog is so cute! Check out my blog to see what I mean, and then pass it on to 5 other blogs.