Hanging out with Cousin Lauren

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yesterday our cousin Lauren came over to our place to hang out with us. She has been staying with her grandmother this week. Lauren is twelve and is a sweet girl. I remember playing with her and carrying her around when she was Melissa's age. Melissa loved having her cousin come play with her. It was niece for me to have someone playing with her. Lauren and Melissa stayed in her room a lot playing. After Melissa's nap we headed to the water park and had great time. Wish Lauren lived close to us, she would be a great babysitter.

Katey Ballard Graduates

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I was going to post this back in May and forgot to do this. I want to share a video of one of our CF Friends Katey. She has an awesome story to tell. As a CF mom, I often find myself wondering what Melissa life is going to be like when she is older. With all the research and new drugs out there for CF patients, I know Melissa will one day be Graduating from collage like Katey. If you have time please go to Katey's blog and follow her story. Check out her video of her graduation day. Congraulations Katey on your graduation.

Katey Ballard graduates from UAB

Melissa's 1st visit to Chuck E Cheese

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last night Melissa and I (Traci) met our friends at Chuck E. Cheese. I had never been in a Chuck E Cheese, so I didn't know what to expect other than lots of noise and kids. Well I was right! At first I wasn't going to take Melissa there because of the germs, but I remember her doctors telling it's ok for her to go to place like that as long as we wash her hands and its not during the cold and flu season. So I had to put my guard down and let her go and be a kid and experience Chuck E Cheese.
Melissa had a blast. She thought it was fun riding the rides eating pizza and playing with her friends Jakob and Javi. When Melissa saw the Chuck E Cheese come out and walking around talking to all the kids she went straight for him. At her age most kids are scared of the characters like that, but not Melissa. She was hugging on him. They also have a Chuck E Cheese that is on stage and she found it.
I'm glad that Paul and I can do things with Melissa. We are blessed she is doing well enough with her CF that she can be around other kids and germs. Life can or could be different so I don't want her missing out on life.
All in All I think Chuck E Cheese was a hit and I'm sure we will be going back.

Washing Dishes

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Melissa has decided she needs to help with washing and drying the dishes. Not only does she clean our dishes we have to clean all her play dishes as well. It takes longer to wash dishes these days.

Our 4th of July weekend

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is old news, but I haven't had time to post since we went to my Grandmother's 80th Birthday party on July 4, 2009. Our family had a surprise 80th Birthday party for Mema. She was so surprised to all of her family there. We all came in at different times during the party. Every time someone new would walk in she would start crying. I'm so glad we went to the celebration. This is Melissa's only Great Grandmother living so it means a lot to me to have these memories also for me, it's my only Grandmother living. Paul's Grandmothers passed away when he was younger.

Not only did we have fun at the party, but the whole weekend was great we spent lots of time with family. My sister and brother-in law had us over a lot and then my Aunt and Uncle from Florida let us come over to the hotel to swim. Then of course we watch the 4th of July fireworks. What a great weekend

Our New Family Pictures

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Saturday we had our family pictures/Melissa's two year pictures made. We have always gone to a studio to have them made, but a friend told me about Shelley Babbitt http://www.lfayephotography.com/
I love pictures that are taken outside and not with a back drop, but we have never been able to afford a professional photographer before, other than at our wedding. Shelley said she isn't a professional photographer , but loves to take pictures. I thought she did a good job.

You have already seen some of the pictures on the blog, but I thought I would post all of my favorite ones.