Melissa walking with her push walker

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Melissa's friend Kaelyn let her borrow this walker back in March. Melissa really had nothing to do with this until a couple of days ago. She just started pushing the walker all by herself. Now this is her favorite toy! She thinks its the best thing. Check out her video.

Our first trip out of town with Melissa!

On Saturday, April 19, 2008 we flew to Lubbock for my (Traci) sister's wedding. This was our first time flying with a baby and our first trip away from home since Melissa was born. We had planned on traveling a lot after she was born, but with her having CF that put things on hold. Since we are past the cold and flu season we are going to do some more traveling this summer.

Melissa did well on her first plane ride. It was a lot of work to make sure we had everything we needed and got to the airport on time. Melissa enjoyed the airport with all the people. After waiting a while for the plane she gave up and slept about 30 minutes before the plane arrived. Once aboard the plane she was ready to go. We were able to take her car seat on the plane so that help out a lot. Once she was buckled in her car seat it didn't take her long to get comfortable. We hadn't been in the air 5 minutes and she was out like a light. The Flight Attendant on Southwest was so nice and gave Melissa her first set of wings and a certificate of her first time flying. The whole crew signed it for us. We arrived in Lubbock and Melissa's DD was waiting on us. We went to DD house so we could all take a nap and get ready for Auntie Peyt's wedding, but first Melissa needed to play and crawl around. She hadn't been able to crawl around all morning because of us flying. Melissa surprised us again and took an hour nap in a pack n play. That never happens!

Off we went to the wedding. It was a very nice wedding. If you have ever been to West Texas then you will know that West Texas has some pretty sun sets. That night was a perfect night. I hadn't had the chance to meet my new brother in-law Alex. He seems like a really nice guy. We are so happy for Peyton and Alex. After the wedding was over with we headed back to my moms house and it was time for bed. We had to fly out the next morning. Melissa surprised us again she slept all night long in the pack n play. This was her first time sleeping away from home and we didn't know what to expect. I had thought the worst.

Our plane ride home went well also. This time no car seat so Melissa didn't like to be held down. She finally gave in and went to sleep in my arms.

Our first trip went well! Here are some pictures of this weekend.

Waiting on the air plane

I'm tired of waiting!

Melissa 1st flight certificate on Southwest

This air plane is making me sleepy

DD waiting at the airport to pick us up!

Playing on a real piano

DD and Melissa

Melissa liked this rocking chair! It was her Auntie Peyt's when she was her age.

Alex and Peyton

Paul, Me (Traci), Melissa, Peyton, Alex and Delores (DD)

Uncle Alex and Melissa

Our baby is growing up

Friday, April 18, 2008

You know your baby is growing up when it's time to get a new car seat. We had Melissa's new car seat installed today and she loves it! I was sad to see her out grow the car seat, but I'm also happy to see her becoming a big girl.

one last look in the infant car seat

This is when we first got the seat, it was sitting in the living room.

She must like it, this is how I found her when we got home.

She woke up after I took the first picture

Melissa is 10 months old today!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another month has gone by and she is getting closer to turning 1! Not much has been going on this past month. She is still crawling around not in any hurry to walk, which is ok with me. She is getting in to more things so we have to keep doors shut while she is crawling around. Melissa is making the funny face that I just love, if I say cheese she will make the face, or if she hears me turn on the camera. She is so silly!

Melissa is going through a faze that I don't like. She has stopped taking her bottle. She will not drink her formula. I have tried putting the formula in a sippy cup and nope she will not drink it. The last two weeks have been very hard on both of us. Melissa's pediatrician said for us to try giving her whole milk in a sippy cup and see if she will drink that. Nope she has nothing to do with that either. I worry about Melissa not getting enough to drink. I do give her water or juice and she will drink that.

So if anyone has any advice on what to do, I would love to read it.

Happy 10 Months Melissa!

Update on Paul's 1st week

Paul's first week at his new job was good. He was in training most of the week. Most of his team is out on Audit visits so he hasn't met to many people. He has gotten to know two of his managers and he said they seem really nice. Paul will start his first Audit in May! Once Paul gets his feet wet, we can give you more of an update.

Have a great week


Happy Spring

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Their is nothing like spring! I love this time of the year, trees and flowers blooming. My favorite flower is tulip's. I love driving around seeing tulip's during this time of the year, but it's also nice to see bluebonnets blooming on the highways. Paul found some bluebonnets on his way to work so we thought we would go and take our pictures in them. Hope you are enjoying your Spring like we are.

Happy Spring

Paul, Traci and Melissa

Bad Thunder Storms

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Around 4:00 a.m. Paul and I woke up to very loud wind and thunder. We also lost our power about that time. I could not see anything until I found my cell phone and opened it up so I could have light. Once I had that I made my way to find the flash light. I just knew from the sound of the wind that it was bad. The lighting and thundering was very close. I told Paul that we need to wake Melissa up and get in the bathroom. He thought I was being a sissy. We didn't have a way of knowing what was going on because we don't have batteries in any of our radios. So we said a prayer and went back to bed. I could not sleep thinking the worst.

Finally around 5:00am the wind died down and the rain, lighting and thunder went away. We still didn't have any power so it was still dark. Melissa slept through it all until 5:30 when it was so dark in her room it scared her. She screamed like I have never heard her scream. I went in to find her standing in her bed with tears coming down her face. Once I got her back to sleep I had to put a candle in her room. Well I didn't sleep after that because I was afraid it would catch on fire.

Fast forward to 6:00am, Paul is up getting ready for work and Melissa thinks it time to get up. Paul had to take a shower by candle light and also shave by candle light. Melissa didn't like it to much that we didn't have the lights on while she was up. Finally around 7:15 the sun was coming out and we could open the blinds. When we opened the blinds to our patio we saw trees down, the building across from our front door had roof damage.

We also had some water damage. Our window in the living room started leaking in. It could have been worse. When the maintenance worker came too check it out he said that one of the apartment buildings lost it's whole roof.

Melissa and I got out this afternoon and drove around the apartment complex and I took some pictures. I didn't get a picture of the one building that had the roof taken off. There where to many people working and I just didn't feel right. I saw the Red Cross truck out on the street. All the apartment complexes down our street had some kind of damage.

This is from our patio see the trees in the back ground

This is the building in front of us, This could have flown off and
landed on our patio or in our window.

Trees down in the creek.

Just one of the many trees down.

Tree on top of a car!

A Day at the Dallas Arboretum

Monday, April 7, 2008

Melissa and I met up with my friend Erica and her two boys for a day at the Dallas Arboretum If you have never been, you must go during the Dallas Blooms. I love tulips and they have just about every color you can think of. Unfortunately, we went too late. The tulips weren't looking so good. Oh well , we had a fun. Melissa rode her first horse carriage ride, played in the grass and had a picnic lunch. Here are some pictures from today fun!

Off to work I go!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Today is Paul's first day at Flour! He was excited this morning. I just had to take his picture. I will blog later this week with an update on his first week.

Melissa meeting new friends

Saturday, April 5, 2008

On Saturday we meet up with some friends. Our friends Lisa and Mark are getting married on May 10th. We went to there wedding shower. Melissa got to meet Lisa for the first time. Lisa moved to Minneapolis two years ago. So it hard for her to get to Texas to see all her friends.

Melissa and Lisa

Melissa also got to meet her new friend Teagan. She was born on February 20, 2008.

Can you see tooth #2?

Here are some pictures of Melissa's two teeth.

Having a good time!

Here are some pictures of Melissa just having fun! She is so silly!

The Last Days of being Laid Off

Friday, April 4, 2008

Today is a bitter sweet day for Paul. He will be starting his new job on Monday! He is ready to get back to work and make some money! He really has enjoyed being home with Melissa and I. Paul and Melissa have really bonded these last 8 weeks. Paul and I have also had some good bonding. We have been able to sit down and talk, take family walks and just be happy. OK so we did have our days of I wish you would just leave me alone for the day. We all need our space and time to our self.

Paul is nervous about Monday. Please pray for Paul. Thanks for your support and prayers.


Trisha is out of surgery

I read the blog and it said she was out of surgery. Please pray for her, she needs all the prayers she can get.

Me Day

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today I'm having a Me Day! That's right, this morning I'm getting my hair cut, colored and even get my eyebrows waxed. Then this afternoon I'm getting a message. My sister gave me a gift certificate in May 2007. I was supposed to use it after Melissa was born, but forgot about it and was too busy. I'm looking forward to this afternoon!

Hope you have a good day!

Prayer Request

Wednesday Night April 2, 2008

The couple I have been following about CF has some answered prayers. Trisha is in surgery awaiting her new set of lungs. Please pray for Trisha and that the surgery will go as planned. Pray that her body won't reject the new lungs. Trisha is hoping to go home in a couple of months with her little girl Gweneth Rose. I can't even imagine what they are going through. If you want to read more please see their blog.