Bad Thunder Storms

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Around 4:00 a.m. Paul and I woke up to very loud wind and thunder. We also lost our power about that time. I could not see anything until I found my cell phone and opened it up so I could have light. Once I had that I made my way to find the flash light. I just knew from the sound of the wind that it was bad. The lighting and thundering was very close. I told Paul that we need to wake Melissa up and get in the bathroom. He thought I was being a sissy. We didn't have a way of knowing what was going on because we don't have batteries in any of our radios. So we said a prayer and went back to bed. I could not sleep thinking the worst.

Finally around 5:00am the wind died down and the rain, lighting and thunder went away. We still didn't have any power so it was still dark. Melissa slept through it all until 5:30 when it was so dark in her room it scared her. She screamed like I have never heard her scream. I went in to find her standing in her bed with tears coming down her face. Once I got her back to sleep I had to put a candle in her room. Well I didn't sleep after that because I was afraid it would catch on fire.

Fast forward to 6:00am, Paul is up getting ready for work and Melissa thinks it time to get up. Paul had to take a shower by candle light and also shave by candle light. Melissa didn't like it to much that we didn't have the lights on while she was up. Finally around 7:15 the sun was coming out and we could open the blinds. When we opened the blinds to our patio we saw trees down, the building across from our front door had roof damage.

We also had some water damage. Our window in the living room started leaking in. It could have been worse. When the maintenance worker came too check it out he said that one of the apartment buildings lost it's whole roof.

Melissa and I got out this afternoon and drove around the apartment complex and I took some pictures. I didn't get a picture of the one building that had the roof taken off. There where to many people working and I just didn't feel right. I saw the Red Cross truck out on the street. All the apartment complexes down our street had some kind of damage.

This is from our patio see the trees in the back ground

This is the building in front of us, This could have flown off and
landed on our patio or in our window.

Trees down in the creek.

Just one of the many trees down.

Tree on top of a car!

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Walt and Sarah. said...

Wow! Glad you guys were okay!