Today is the big day!

November 18, 2010

Today is our big day we get to meet Baby Peanut! I was happy that I get to wake up take a shower and put on my makeup for all my photos. With Melissa I was in labor 15 hours and by the time she arrived I looked like I was run over by a truck. So this time I will be happy to take pictures with Baby Peanut since I will be rested.

We all woke up happy and ready for the day. As we started our morning off getting ready, Melissa woke up with a bad head cold and a really bad rash all over her face. I could not believe this we had to be at the hospital in 2 hrs and now she has a rash. My mom was going to drop her off at school and then come to the hospital. That all changed, Melissa can't go to school with the rash. Not sure where she got it from, last night was her choir program but no one that she as around had a rash. So we had to come up with a 2nd plan for her. Once we got a hold of Melissa's doctor they could get her in around 10:00am. Now my mom had to take her to the doctor and then come back home and spend the whole day with her. So glad DD is here to take care of things. Paul and I had to leave the house @ 9:30am to head to the hospital for the C-section @ 11:00am.

I wanted to be with Melissa since she wasn't feeling good but can't since I have other plans. I know she will be in good hands with her DD.

Here I am right before I head out to the hospital. Look at that big baby belly!

Melissa's 1st Choir Program

November 17, 2010

What a way to spend the night before Baby Peanut's Birthday by hearing Melissa sing at her 1st choir program. Our Church has a great Children's department and during the fall and spring they offer choir to kids 3 and up to sing. So tonight we got to hear all the load and sweet voices of 3 year old's singing. This was their Christmas program. Melissa didn't do so well she was upset her friend Brooke moved and wasn't standing by her. As you can see in the video she just wasn't in to it. Sorry for the video, Paul was doing the recording and didn't just let the it roll he kept stopping and starting.

Hope you enjoy the video

The day before Baby Peanut is born

November 17, 2010

Today has been a bitter sweet day for me. As I sat at the kitchen table with Melissa eating breakfast I realized our life is about to change once again. Tomorrow is Baby Peanut's Birthday! I have been trying to get Melissa prepared for tomorrow but not really sure if she understand. So I spent the day making sure the house was clean, bags packed and Melissa was all taken care of when my mom arrived. The most important part of today was spending my time with Melissa. We played outside or she played I watched. I love my Melissa and so happy she will get to be a big sister and share her love with Baby Peanut.

Here is a picture of the three of us the night before Baby Peanut's Birthday