Quilt and Pillows

Monday, September 29, 2009

Melissa's Grammy (Paul's Mom) and Aunt Jerry made Melissa a beautiful quilt and pillows. Grammy and Aunt Jerry have made about 12 different quilts and pillows for their grandkids. I just think Melissa's is so beautiful. This is something Melissa can keep for ever. I love things like this.

Melissa and Jack

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Melissa and Jack have become good buddies. Jack is Aunt Maggie's dog. Melissa has found out that it's fun to walk Jack. After awhile Jack will get tired of walking a just lay down. Melissa gets mad at him she thinks they need to keep walking. Enjoy the video.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Day of Fall

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today is the first day of fall here in the United States. The last two weeks have felt like fall, but not this week. The high this week is in the 90's! I love this time of the year. I'm a fan of the warm weather, not the cold but I do welcome the change in the weather. I'm looking forward to pumpkin patches, fall festivals, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. Oh Christmas will be fun this year at our house with Melissa. I won't talk about Christmas yet. Specking of Fall Festivals, I found Melissa's costume. She is going to be a Lady Bug. I bought it used for $9.00. You can't beat that. You will have to wait until October 31st for pictures.

Surprise Party

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Melissa and I went to a Surprise Party this afternoon for our dear friend Shari. She turned 50! We had a great time at Joe's Crab Shack. I got to see some of my Southwest friends and show off Melissa. The best part of the party was Melissa dancing. They had a band for the party and Melissa thought they where playing for her. It didn't matter what they played that girl was dancing to every song. She had every one's attention and it was turning out to be Melissa's party. When the band would stop playing after a song she would just scream and clap her hands for more. We started calling her a "groupie". I have to say that is my child when it comes to dancing, I love dancing! Happy Birthday Shair!

Melissa's 15 month check up

Wednesday, September 18, 2008

Melissa had her 15 month check up at her pediatricians office today. He was impressed with all her words that she can say. I don't want this to sound like I'm bragging, but he did say she is developing on an 18 month old level, as far as her vocabulary and other things she can do. Remember all kids develop differently. Melissa got her shots today along with the flu shot. I also got the flu shot while we where there. Saves me a trip to my doctors office.
Melissa's weight is 25lb 6oz (90-95% )
Melissa's height 31 1/2 inches (75-90 %)

As you can tell she is growing like a weed!

Melissa is 15 months old today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our baby girl is 15 months old today. It just seems like yesterday we were planning her 1st birthday party. It is also amazing how much Melissa has changed in 3 months. She really understand everything you tell her. At 12 months Melissa had about 5 words she could say, today she can say at least 20 words. She can also point to things in the book if you ask her to find something. Melissa is learning how to clean up her her toys before bath time. We started singing a clean up song and she knows what to do. Paul and I do most of the cleaning up, but she does understand what we are doing. Now when we ask Melissa if she is hungry she will run to her highchair and want you to put her in it. If she is tired and ready for her nap she will go to her crib and wait for you to put her in it. Melissa can point to her eyes, nose, ears, mouth and bellybutton. She loves her bellybutton. There are so many things that she can do. Melissa has master walking and loves running! Oh the joys of a child! Keeps us busy thats for sure.
We are also blessed that Melissa's CF is under control and she is doing so well. We didn't know what our life would be like when she was first diagnosed, but so far so good.
Here are the words Melissa can say: One word is missing from this list "Mama"
Bubbles (Guggles)
Bye Bye
Thank You
Hi Baby
All Gone
Tickle Tickle
What's that

Security Blanket

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melissa has been attached to two things when she sleeps. One is her thumb and the other was a tag that was on her sheet protector. We have two of these sheet protector and had to change them out every week because the tags where getting so bad. She would hold onto the tags when she would sleep, I don't know what made her attach herself to the tags, but we didn't care. If it helped her sleep then have at it. Melissa finally wore the tags out and I said "we aren't getting another sheet protector". She is old enough not to have that one in her bed. So I found a pink blanket that someone had given her when she was born. It's soft and fuzzy on one side and satin on the other. We didn't know how she would sleep, but for the past 3 weeks she has been sleeping well with her pink blanket. Now Melissa has a blanket and a thumb to help her sleep.

Here are some pictures of Melissa and her new favorite blanket.

This is the sheet protector Melissa is laying on. Look how little she is in this picture

Sleeping so good!

I like my blanket!

Feeding the Ducks and Turtles

Monday, September 15, 2008

We have found the Ducks! Our new neighborhood has canals that have nice walking paths and lots of ducks and turtles. Melissa loves that we go for walks down the canals so we can feed the ducks and turtles. It's funny because she knows we are going to the ducks. Before we get to the canals, she will start saying duck over and over. Some days we can't find the ducks but most of the time they are out because they know we all have food for them. Their are some unusual ducks that I'm not sure what kind they are. So if you know please let me know. I have a picture of one of them. Here are some pictures of us feeding the ducks and turtles.
What kind of duck is this? Do you know?

Paul's bad business trip

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paul has had an eventful week. On September 7th he and his co-workers flew to Poza Rica, Mexico with a lay over in Mexico City. While in Mexico City they found out that they would not be flying to Poza Rica that night because of weather. Paul and his co-workers had to spend the night in Mexico City. The next morning they got up and headed back to the airport. They are all standby at this point and the plane that they would be flying is small not everyone got on. Yes, Paul was the lucky on not to make the flight. Paul stuck in Mexico City almost 12 hours before he could get to Poza Rica. Monday night he finally made it to his hotel. The rest of the week went ok, but he was pretty much stuck either at the work site that he was auditing or at the hotel. This isn't a place that they could go out site seeing and eat at good restaurants.
Fast forward to yesterday, September 12th. Paul and his co-workers made it from Poza Rica to Mexico city on Mexicana Airlines. When they got to the gate at Mexico City they found out the flight was over sold and it would be until 7:15pm before the next fight would take off. So at this point they are all upset with Mexicana Airlines because they didn't let any Americans get on the first flight. One of Paul's co-workers speaks Spanish so they where going to let him on, but he stayed back to help translate for Paul and the other co-workers. Finally around 10:00pm Paul called and said he was at DFW Airport and would be home soon. When Paul walked through the door he was laughing and said " could this day get any worse"? He had a flat tire on his truck. I said " you have an hour before this day ends". Paul was glad to be home and doesn't have to go back to Mexico until two weeks. He is hoping he can change airlines for the next trip.

I'm glad Paul is home, Melissa and I missed him. Melissa is starting to understand that Dada isn't home. She can hear our neighbor out by the door and will run to it thinking Paul is coming through the door. She will run to the door saying "Hi Dada" and Dada isn't walking in. I feel so bad for her. She loves her Dada.

Day at the CF Clinic

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Melissa had her check up today at the CF Clinic. These appointments are so long. We arrived at Children's Medical Center at 10:00am. Once we got checked in the fun began. Melissa had to have a chest x-ray taken and also lab work. I was thinking the worst of my child. She isn't going to stay still for x-rays, but she did great. As for the lab work she did great again. The last time Melissa had to have her blood taken she was 3 months old. Melissa didn't even cry when the man stuck her with that needle. She was getting mad at me for holding her still. By the time we got up to the CF Clinic it was after 11:00. We waited and waited finally around 12:00 Melissa got in. It's really getting harder with her. She doesn't understand why we are sitting around in this small room. It's also in the morning during her nap time. I really wish they had afternoon appointments but they don't. It was 1:30 when we got home.

After all of that Melissa is doing great! She gaining weight and growing like a weed. Her chest x-ray was good as I knew it would be. Since the cold and flu season is starting up Melissa and I will have to go back into hibernation this winter. I think this winter is going to be harder on us both since we have been able to go outside and do just about what ever we want. I don't know what I'm going to do when we have to stay inside all day. I guess I better stock up on some new items for crafts and new video's.
Since the flu season is starting up it's time for all three of us to get our flu shots. I just pray we all stay healthy this winter and Melissa doesn't come down with anything.

That's all for now I just wanted to update you on Melissa.


Melissa's 1st haircut

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today Aunt Laura came over had lunch with us and then she cut Melissa's hair. Aunt Laura has been a hair dresser for over 50 years. It was important to me to have Melissa's hair cut by her. Melissa did great, didn't cry at all. She was getting upset because she wanted to turn her head to see what Aunt Laura was doing to her. I was sad to get it cut, but her bangs were getting in her eyes all the time and Melissa won't keep a bow in her hair. I think she looks different almost like a little girl and not my baby. I was told to keep a little of her hair and put it in her baby book, so I did.

Family Fun!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last night we had dinner over at Aunt Laura's and meet up with some other family members. Our Uncle Sherwood, Aunt Cherry,Cousin Jana, Cousin LauraLee and Cousin Jake. Melissa had a blast playing with LauraLee and Jake. She thought she was a big as them. Aunt Laura cooked us a great meal and Melissa loved it! She had seconds and that's not like her to want more. It's always good to meet up with your family. You would think that we all live in the DFW area that we would see each other all the time, but that's not the case with us. We all have families and jobs that keep us busy.

Happy Birthday Sherwood and Cherry
Melissa and Jake playing outside
Jake, LauraLee and Melissa
Melissa being a big girl watching a movie with her cousins

Playdate with friends

Friday, September 5, 2008

This morning Melissa and I had some friends over to play with us. We had Amy, Delaney and Amalia and then Lena and Kaelyn. This was a big deal to us because we haven't had anyone over to play with us since Melissa started walking and playing with her own toys. Also it was in the middle of her morning nap. Melissa did great with sharing and for missing her nap. The girls had so much fun. Amy is a friend that worked with Lena and I at Southwest and had kept in touch with her. Her girls are 2 and 3. Amy and her girls left us so Lena and Kaeyln stayed for lunch. Melissa went down for her nap around 1:30 so I will she how long she will sleep this afternoon. I hope for a good couple of hours.

Update on Melissa

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, it means a lot to us that we can count on our family and friends.

The test went really well and Melissa did great. It was around 9:20am when they gave Melissa her oral medication! It took her about 20 minutes before she fell asleep. The test took about and hour. While waiting to go home, Melissa's doctor told us that her lungs are strong and healthy! With all test they did, she was over 100% on all of them. That was great news for us. It just makes us happy to hear those words and also when the doctor tells us she is doing well.

Thanks again for your support,
Paul and Traci

Thoughts and Prayers for Melissa

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tomorrow, September 3, 2008 Melissa will be having a Lung function test done. This is also called pulmonary function tests, or PFTs. It's to evaluate how well her lungs work. The tests determine how much air her lungs can hold, how quickly she can move air in and out of her lungs, and how well her lungs put oxygen into and remove carbon dioxide from her blood. The tests can diagnose lung diseases, measure the severity of lung problems, and check to see how well treatment for a lung disease is working. Melissa will have to have a general anesthesia. It shouldn't take more than an hour for the test.Doing this will help the Doctors know even more about her lungs. They just want to stay on top of things.

We ask that you keep Melissa in your thoughts and Prayers tomorrow because of the general anesthesia and also that her lungs are healthy and strong.
Once we find out the results from the test we will e-mail you back.

Paul and Traci