Surprise Party

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Melissa and I went to a Surprise Party this afternoon for our dear friend Shari. She turned 50! We had a great time at Joe's Crab Shack. I got to see some of my Southwest friends and show off Melissa. The best part of the party was Melissa dancing. They had a band for the party and Melissa thought they where playing for her. It didn't matter what they played that girl was dancing to every song. She had every one's attention and it was turning out to be Melissa's party. When the band would stop playing after a song she would just scream and clap her hands for more. We started calling her a "groupie". I have to say that is my child when it comes to dancing, I love dancing! Happy Birthday Shair!


Kecia said...

Oh... How cute is she!! Is never to early to develop a good taste in music!! And to DANCE!!!!

Kaelyn said...

How fun Melissa!!! I see you like balloons too. Kaelyn is also a huge fan of them. You are so cute dancing! Fun party!