Welcome Evren Roach

Our friends Chris and Nelly welcomed their son Evren Roach to the world on December 29, 2008. He weighed in around 6lbs. We haven't had a chance to meet him because we have been sick. Hopefully soon I can put him in my arms and love on him. Congratulations Chris and Nelly.

Paul's work trip to London, England

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paul was sent to London, England for two weeks. He only had one weekend to go sightseeing. I thought I would share his pictures with you. He did say that the first week he was there it was rainy, cold and cloudy. He didn't see the sun all week. Thank goodness the weekend he went sightseeing the sun came out. He wasn't that impressed with London in the winter. He wouldn't mind going back in the spring and summer.
Charity if you are reading this he said he knows how you feel about the winter not seeing the sun!


Update on Melissa

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I thought I better give you an update on Melissa. She is feeling like her self again. The antibiotics are helping. As of today she didn't have a snotty nose! She slept all night last night and took a three hour nap today. She still has her cough so she still has to do her breathing treatments. All in All she is doing better.

I also thought I would update you on her night terrors. It seems that she is having one a week. After reading more about night terrors Paul and I have come to the conclusion she is having separation anxiety. She has really become Mommy's girl. It can cause her stress if I leave. This might be what she is dreaming about. I also think the blue light bulb has help also. It makes the room a little darker, but you still can see.

My New Table

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Last Friday my mom came to visit us and stayed until Monday. Paul has been gone for the past two weeks traveling for work. DD thought she should come spend some time with us girls. I'm glad she came in since Melissa and I didn't feel well. She helped me out a lot. I was able to go to a movie with a friend. We saw Bride Wars. It was a cute movie, a chick flick!
While DD was here we got out on Saturday and enjoyed the warm weather. We took a trip to IKEA. While we were there, we came across the kid area. I have been looking for a table for Melissa. I didn't know if I wanted a Little Tykes table and chairs. I came across one at IKEA and said that's the table Melissa needs. So DD wanted to get this table for her. She said it was part of her Birthday (6months later). What ever we know how these Grandmothers are.
I wanted Melissa to have a place to do her art project. All we know how to do is color at this time, but I do want her to start painting. We also got Melissa one chair for now. DD has three wood chairs at her house that she is going to repaint and bring with her next time. The table is wood and it should last a long time.
Melissa is loving her table and chair, she wants to color all the time.

Loving on DD
This is for Me?

Coloring with DD


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I haven't updated in awhile. We have been under the weather the last week and still sick. Melissa came down with a cold 9 days ago and I was hoping it was a mild cold. Well it turned in to a cold/infection. I kept holding out before I called on the doctors. The last couple of times she had a cold it wasn't anything to bad. This time it wasn't going away and her green snotty nose was getting worse. She also started coughing and as a CF mother I started to worry. I don't know about any other CF parents but I have a hard time deciding who to call. Do I call Melissa's pediatrician or do I call the CF Clinic. On Monday I called the CF Clinic to talk with a nurse. After telling the nurse that Melissa was going on 8 days of a green snotty nose and she was coughing she said to bring her in on Tuesday (yesterday). I had started Melissa on her Albuterol to help with the congestion in her chest. Funny thing is Melissa has never liked her breathing treatments and this time around she is acting like a big girl and sitting in the chair and not fighting me on this.

Yesterday I took Melissa in and found out that she also has an ear infection. Her lungs sound clear (PTL) but the doctor was concern about her green snotty nose for 8 days and the cough. She had a throat and nose culture taking. We haven't found out anything on that yet.

Melissa was put on 2 weeks of antibiotics. I think she is getting better already because she slept good last night, 1st time in over a week and she took a 3 hour nap today! She is making up for lost sleep!

Melissa has past her cold on to me. I am congested and have a cough. I'm trying to taking over the counter medication.

Christmas in January

Monday, January 12, 2009

This past weekend Paul, Melissa and I got together with our best friends for our 8th Annual Christmas Party. We couldn't do this in December because everyone was booked. It was fun seeing everyone and all the kids. Wow has the group grown. We have 10 kids and one more on the way in March! We missed our friends Javier, Karl, Jakob and little Javier they where sick. We had a good time eating, talking opening gifts and our ornament exchange. God has blessed us with a great group of friends. We have been through it all!

Every year we try to take a group picture of everyone, a kid picture and then a girl picture. We have been taking the girl picture since our first party at my apartment. I wasn't even married yet! It's fun to look back on the old pictures and see how much we all have changed and seeing the families grow.

Us girls! Linda (2nd from the right) is due in March with her 3 boy!

Some of the kids. We are missing 4 in the picture

Happy 1st Birthday Gwyneth

January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Gwyneth!!! As you know we have been following Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth's story for almost a year now. This is one story that touches our hearts. We are so happy that we can help Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth celebrate this wonderful day. Nathan and Tricia have ask those who follow and read there blog to help celebrate Gwyneth's birthday by wearing Pink and Brown! Melissa and I have on our Pink and Brown!

Read about Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth hear at http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/ and be blessed. Oh and if you want to quickly catch up on their story you can go to the right of the blog and follow the link that says "Start Here"....that's a good place to start.

Don't take my Tree down!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Today we took down our Christmas decorations and Melissa wasn't happy about the tree coming down. At first I thought I would take the tree down while she was taking a nap, but then I changed my mind. I thought it might be best if Melissa saw me taking the tree down. She did OK with me taking the ornaments off the tree, but when it came time to unplug the tree she didn't like that. Then when we took the top part of the tree off she cried! I thought to myself "am I being a mean mom"? Once the tree was in the box and out on the patio she had forgotten all about the tree.

Happy New Year!

Wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2009 be a good year!