Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I haven't updated in awhile. We have been under the weather the last week and still sick. Melissa came down with a cold 9 days ago and I was hoping it was a mild cold. Well it turned in to a cold/infection. I kept holding out before I called on the doctors. The last couple of times she had a cold it wasn't anything to bad. This time it wasn't going away and her green snotty nose was getting worse. She also started coughing and as a CF mother I started to worry. I don't know about any other CF parents but I have a hard time deciding who to call. Do I call Melissa's pediatrician or do I call the CF Clinic. On Monday I called the CF Clinic to talk with a nurse. After telling the nurse that Melissa was going on 8 days of a green snotty nose and she was coughing she said to bring her in on Tuesday (yesterday). I had started Melissa on her Albuterol to help with the congestion in her chest. Funny thing is Melissa has never liked her breathing treatments and this time around she is acting like a big girl and sitting in the chair and not fighting me on this.

Yesterday I took Melissa in and found out that she also has an ear infection. Her lungs sound clear (PTL) but the doctor was concern about her green snotty nose for 8 days and the cough. She had a throat and nose culture taking. We haven't found out anything on that yet.

Melissa was put on 2 weeks of antibiotics. I think she is getting better already because she slept good last night, 1st time in over a week and she took a 3 hour nap today! She is making up for lost sleep!

Melissa has past her cold on to me. I am congested and have a cough. I'm trying to taking over the counter medication.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Praying you all get well soon:(
Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

What a big girl doing her treatments! Glad to hear she is feeling better, hope mom is feeling better soon also!

Kaelyn said...

Love her little pigtails! Isn't is fun to put their hair up like that.

Anonymous said...

Thank your for visiting Phoenix's blog. We would be honored for you tell Phoenix's story

Amy E. said...

Oh such a big girl!!! And just tooooo cute!!! I need to come play once we are all well.