My New Table

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Last Friday my mom came to visit us and stayed until Monday. Paul has been gone for the past two weeks traveling for work. DD thought she should come spend some time with us girls. I'm glad she came in since Melissa and I didn't feel well. She helped me out a lot. I was able to go to a movie with a friend. We saw Bride Wars. It was a cute movie, a chick flick!
While DD was here we got out on Saturday and enjoyed the warm weather. We took a trip to IKEA. While we were there, we came across the kid area. I have been looking for a table for Melissa. I didn't know if I wanted a Little Tykes table and chairs. I came across one at IKEA and said that's the table Melissa needs. So DD wanted to get this table for her. She said it was part of her Birthday (6months later). What ever we know how these Grandmothers are.
I wanted Melissa to have a place to do her art project. All we know how to do is color at this time, but I do want her to start painting. We also got Melissa one chair for now. DD has three wood chairs at her house that she is going to repaint and bring with her next time. The table is wood and it should last a long time.
Melissa is loving her table and chair, she wants to color all the time.

Loving on DD
This is for Me?

Coloring with DD


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Very cute!

Amy E. said...

Great table!! I can't wait to come color!!