Paul's work trip to London, England

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paul was sent to London, England for two weeks. He only had one weekend to go sightseeing. I thought I would share his pictures with you. He did say that the first week he was there it was rainy, cold and cloudy. He didn't see the sun all week. Thank goodness the weekend he went sightseeing the sun came out. He wasn't that impressed with London in the winter. He wouldn't mind going back in the spring and summer.
Charity if you are reading this he said he knows how you feel about the winter not seeing the sun!



Kaelyn said...

Neat pictures!!! Traci you should go back with him if he goes again. Looks like everything is so green there...was a neat place to visit. Also the new blog!

Kecia said...

London is so beautiful! Great pics!!
God Bless you!!

Amy E. said...

Okay..first I am sooo impressed that Paul had someone take pictures of HIM!! Second..yes only boys would be taking pictures of husband would be one of them!