Paul's bad business trip

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paul has had an eventful week. On September 7th he and his co-workers flew to Poza Rica, Mexico with a lay over in Mexico City. While in Mexico City they found out that they would not be flying to Poza Rica that night because of weather. Paul and his co-workers had to spend the night in Mexico City. The next morning they got up and headed back to the airport. They are all standby at this point and the plane that they would be flying is small not everyone got on. Yes, Paul was the lucky on not to make the flight. Paul stuck in Mexico City almost 12 hours before he could get to Poza Rica. Monday night he finally made it to his hotel. The rest of the week went ok, but he was pretty much stuck either at the work site that he was auditing or at the hotel. This isn't a place that they could go out site seeing and eat at good restaurants.
Fast forward to yesterday, September 12th. Paul and his co-workers made it from Poza Rica to Mexico city on Mexicana Airlines. When they got to the gate at Mexico City they found out the flight was over sold and it would be until 7:15pm before the next fight would take off. So at this point they are all upset with Mexicana Airlines because they didn't let any Americans get on the first flight. One of Paul's co-workers speaks Spanish so they where going to let him on, but he stayed back to help translate for Paul and the other co-workers. Finally around 10:00pm Paul called and said he was at DFW Airport and would be home soon. When Paul walked through the door he was laughing and said " could this day get any worse"? He had a flat tire on his truck. I said " you have an hour before this day ends". Paul was glad to be home and doesn't have to go back to Mexico until two weeks. He is hoping he can change airlines for the next trip.

I'm glad Paul is home, Melissa and I missed him. Melissa is starting to understand that Dada isn't home. She can hear our neighbor out by the door and will run to it thinking Paul is coming through the door. She will run to the door saying "Hi Dada" and Dada isn't walking in. I feel so bad for her. She loves her Dada.

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momof4as said...

Ugh that sounds horrible! Sounds like he had a better attitude about it than I would have!