Feeding the Ducks and Turtles

Monday, September 15, 2008

We have found the Ducks! Our new neighborhood has canals that have nice walking paths and lots of ducks and turtles. Melissa loves that we go for walks down the canals so we can feed the ducks and turtles. It's funny because she knows we are going to the ducks. Before we get to the canals, she will start saying duck over and over. Some days we can't find the ducks but most of the time they are out because they know we all have food for them. Their are some unusual ducks that I'm not sure what kind they are. So if you know please let me know. I have a picture of one of them. Here are some pictures of us feeding the ducks and turtles.
What kind of duck is this? Do you know?


Amy E. said...

That's an Ugly Duck..not like the storybook..just an Ugly Duck. :-)

Kaelyn said...

oh i wish we had ducks here. maybe we can do that when we come and play some time.