Melissa is 15 months old today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our baby girl is 15 months old today. It just seems like yesterday we were planning her 1st birthday party. It is also amazing how much Melissa has changed in 3 months. She really understand everything you tell her. At 12 months Melissa had about 5 words she could say, today she can say at least 20 words. She can also point to things in the book if you ask her to find something. Melissa is learning how to clean up her her toys before bath time. We started singing a clean up song and she knows what to do. Paul and I do most of the cleaning up, but she does understand what we are doing. Now when we ask Melissa if she is hungry she will run to her highchair and want you to put her in it. If she is tired and ready for her nap she will go to her crib and wait for you to put her in it. Melissa can point to her eyes, nose, ears, mouth and bellybutton. She loves her bellybutton. There are so many things that she can do. Melissa has master walking and loves running! Oh the joys of a child! Keeps us busy thats for sure.
We are also blessed that Melissa's CF is under control and she is doing so well. We didn't know what our life would be like when she was first diagnosed, but so far so good.
Here are the words Melissa can say: One word is missing from this list "Mama"
Bubbles (Guggles)
Bye Bye
Thank You
Hi Baby
All Gone
Tickle Tickle
What's that


The Tolberts said...

Wow! I can not believe how many words she knows! That is just awesome!! And she knows all of those body parts too! You have got one smart girl on your hands that's for sure! And I can't believe how much hair she has now! I miss seeing her! We MUST get together soon! I think the girls would have a lot more fun together now!


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

That's great! Sounds like she is on the right path! Great job teaching her all those words and how to clean up. I sing a clean up song too and TRY to get him to help, but he just watches me in amazement and then when I'm done, he goes and tries to pull everything out again:)

Chad & Amy said...

Guess you will have to work on mama:)

She is still too cute with those big blue eyes...would love to be able to see her now.