Melissa's 1st visit to Chuck E Cheese

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last night Melissa and I (Traci) met our friends at Chuck E. Cheese. I had never been in a Chuck E Cheese, so I didn't know what to expect other than lots of noise and kids. Well I was right! At first I wasn't going to take Melissa there because of the germs, but I remember her doctors telling it's ok for her to go to place like that as long as we wash her hands and its not during the cold and flu season. So I had to put my guard down and let her go and be a kid and experience Chuck E Cheese.
Melissa had a blast. She thought it was fun riding the rides eating pizza and playing with her friends Jakob and Javi. When Melissa saw the Chuck E Cheese come out and walking around talking to all the kids she went straight for him. At her age most kids are scared of the characters like that, but not Melissa. She was hugging on him. They also have a Chuck E Cheese that is on stage and she found it.
I'm glad that Paul and I can do things with Melissa. We are blessed she is doing well enough with her CF that she can be around other kids and germs. Life can or could be different so I don't want her missing out on life.
All in All I think Chuck E Cheese was a hit and I'm sure we will be going back.

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