Hanging out with Cousin Lauren

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yesterday our cousin Lauren came over to our place to hang out with us. She has been staying with her grandmother this week. Lauren is twelve and is a sweet girl. I remember playing with her and carrying her around when she was Melissa's age. Melissa loved having her cousin come play with her. It was niece for me to have someone playing with her. Lauren and Melissa stayed in her room a lot playing. After Melissa's nap we headed to the water park and had great time. Wish Lauren lived close to us, she would be a great babysitter.


Kecia said...

So cute on the water!!

What a sweet girl Melissa is! She growing up so fast! Haha...

So in love. said...

What park did ya'll go to!? It looks like a lot of fun!

We sure do miss seeing you guys! I can't believe how grown Melissa is looking! Time goes so fast!