Our Getaway

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have been so busy since this trip, but I thought I should post about our first getway since Melissa was born. Paul and I had our first a long weekend getaway in over two years. The last vacation we had just the two of us was when I was six months pregnat with Melissa. Since then we have had family vacations.

This was a must needed trip. It was so good just to spend one on one time with each other and remember what it was like when it was just the two of us. Oh don't get me wrong, I thought about Melissa all the time, but I knew she was in good hands. Melissa stay home and her DD came and took care of her. Paul had been working in Calfronia for three weeks and I got to join him at the end of the 2nd week. I packed my bags and flew to Santa Anna, Calfroina. I didn't know what to since I was flying by myslef. I didn't have to worry about anyone but myself. Oh it was a weird feeling. Paul was staying in Laguna Hills and we spent most of the time out on the beach. We love the beach and the sun! Laguna Beach is a nice place to visit. It has a lot of history to it. I was reading the history about Laguna Beach and it is the home of the artist. Laguna Beach has an Art Festaval from June-September. I hadn't every seen many artist before. One of my favorite artist Wayland has his on Gallery at Laguna Beach. I was first was introudced to Wayland's art work on my honeymoon in Maui Hawaii. I don't have a pieace of his work, but when I get a house and have the money I'm buying something from him.

Our weekend started out on Thursday, July 30, 2009. Paul had to work that day and by the time I flew in and got settled in at the hotel it was getting close to dinner time. So off we went to Laguna Beach area. We ate a place call Las Brisas it was good. On Friday Paul had to work so I had a day to myself. What to do, I haven't been by myself in two years! I slept in and headed down to the pool. I needed to start reading my stuff for my new job. That passed the time and then it was lunch time. Paul had a short lunch break so we headed to In-N-Out Burger. This is a must when you go to California. After lunch we I took Paul back to work and I had the rent car to do what ever. I did some shopping and just enjoyed the beautiful Calfornia weather. That evening we headed back to the beach area and had a good dinner at El Callejon. After dinner we walked around and did some window shopping. We did buy Melissa and I something. We got matching ankel braclets and toe rings at Shelby's. They had all kinds of neat items. Melissa is getting in to jewelry and I thought it would be fun for us to be matching.
Saturday rolled around and we headed to the beach. Our friends told us of a nice beach to try out. Laguna beach is so busy, if you just go either a little south or a little north the beaches aren't so bad. We spent the day at Treasure Island Beach. I hadn't been in the pacific water but I heard it was cold. Yes, it was cold but it didn't take long to get use to it. The ocean was ruff that day so the waves where strong. I didn't spend a lot of time in the water that day. I enjoyed laying out on the beach sleeping , reading and just doing a lot of thinking. After the long day at the beach we head for a nice dinner to Nick's the have good fish and chips. One of Paul's co-workers told us about a great place to get good milk shakes. We took a little drive to Newport beach and found the Shake Shack. I think this place was at one time family owned and had a lot more choice to choose from. Even Rachel Ray had this on her $40 a day show. We found out it was bought out to Ruby's Diner. I thought the shackes were good. The view from Crystal Cove was beautiful. Sunday was our last day of vaction. We got up that moring and head back to Newport Beach and took a Auto Ferry to Balboa Island. Come to find out we could have drove to this Island also. It only cost us $3.00 to take the Ferry. One thing about this Island is parking. I don't know what it's like on the week days, but the weekend its impossible to find a parking spot. Every parking spot has a meter so you have to pay and you only have 6 hours to park in that spot. I like the beach, the waves where bigger than Treasure Island Beach, but not as strong. I don't know if that makes since. Paul and I had fun playing in the waves and we got lots of sun that day. We finally got to see a sunset. All the other nights the clouds would roll in right before the sunset and we never got our sunset over the ocean until Sunday. Paul and I had a great time and we hope we can do this again in about 6 months. Since Paul travels so much he is always going to neat places.


Walt and Sarah said...

Sounds like a really great trip! We found out about In-N-Out Burger 5 years ago when we first visited Vegas. We were delighted to find out they have them in AZ too! YAY! We went to In-N-Out Burger last weekend on our way to Vegas since we hadn't been in 7 months!

Love the beach pics!!!

Amy E. said...

So glad you guys had a great trip!!

Kecia said...

Every couple need some alone time... My parents have too many of those times...HAHA!

We love you!

God bless you!