Our 4th of July weekend

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is old news, but I haven't had time to post since we went to my Grandmother's 80th Birthday party on July 4, 2009. Our family had a surprise 80th Birthday party for Mema. She was so surprised to all of her family there. We all came in at different times during the party. Every time someone new would walk in she would start crying. I'm so glad we went to the celebration. This is Melissa's only Great Grandmother living so it means a lot to me to have these memories also for me, it's my only Grandmother living. Paul's Grandmothers passed away when he was younger.

Not only did we have fun at the party, but the whole weekend was great we spent lots of time with family. My sister and brother-in law had us over a lot and then my Aunt and Uncle from Florida let us come over to the hotel to swim. Then of course we watch the 4th of July fireworks. What a great weekend

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Katey said...

What a pretty cake for your grandmother! Glad ya'll had a good 4th holiday and birthday celebration for your grandmother!