Melissa is 18 Months today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That's right she is a year and half today! Oh no two is right around the corner! Melissa had her 18 month check up today and boy has she grown in three months. Her weight is 27 lbs (90-95%) and her height is 33 inches (90%). I can tell she has gotten taller, she is able to reach things that she knows not to touch. She can climb on the couch better with out using the pillows. She got one shot today and didn't even cry! What a big girl!

Melissa has been busy over the last couple of months and I'm sorry I haven't been as good at keeping my blog up. Since October Melissa drop her 2nd nap and now only takes a 2 hour nap during the day. That's my time to clean and do what ever else needs to be done before she wakes up. Melissa is talking more and more. One of her favorite things to say is "I see you" . She is also learning the song Jesus loves me. She can say "the bible tells me so". I have been trying to get this on video, but it hasn't happen yet. Oh so much going on, she is learning to play with her babies and bears. She got in to the diapers one day and was trying to put a diaper on her bear. I watched her work so hard at it, but it just wasn't working out for her. She came to me for help. She will try and feed the babies and the bears.

Melissa is also showing a new side called "lay down and scream if I don't get my way" I know that anyone who has been through this knows what I'm talking about!

We had a break through this past weekend. From the first word that Melissa said Paul and I have been trying to get Melissa to say Mama. She has Dada down, but just would not say Mama. She calls me Dada! When we show her a picture of Paul and I, we ask her "who is that", she will say " Dada and Dada". It sounds bad! On Sunday I thought it's time to try a new word, Mommy! Did she say it? YES!!!! She not only said Mommy, but pointed right at me and said it. She has known along, but I just didn't say the right word.

Here are some pictures and video of Melissa doing some funny things.

Here is Melissa giving her bear a drink in the Highchair. Yes, she put the bear in the Highchair!
Check out the bear, can you see it's diaper?

Off to some place I go! Oh she looks so big with her backpack on! Melissa found her backpack and thinks it's fun to walk around for hours with it on. Don't you even think about taking it off or she will have big fit! One day I had to hide the backpack from her. She was looking all over for it!

Melissa has found that my shoe are a lot of fun!


Kaelyn said...

She does look taller in these pics!! I love her trying to put on your shoes. So funny how they can immitate what we do on a daily basis!!!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

It's great to hear how well she is doing! Keep up the Great work =)

Walt and Sarah. said...

Too cute!

(By the way, I love the wood floors)

Alicia said...

I'm catching up on blogs, so I'm just now reading this! So glad to hear Melissa's awesome percentiles! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!