Christmas Gathering #1

Monday, December 22, 2008
On Saturday we had our first Christmas Gathering with Paul's brother and his family, Paul's sister and her family and Paul's mom (Grammy). We met at Maggie's house for Dinner and fellowship. We love being around the family and Melissa loved playing with her older cousins. Jordan is 4, Sydney is 9, Conner is 13 and Courtney is 21. Melissa is the baby of the family. We miss the other two cousins who could not be with us. Jakob is 22 and Lisa is 29.
Grammy made a great dinner and also made a birthday for Uncle Dan! It was great. After dinner Melissa, Sydney and Jordan found the piano and played songs for us. The guys headed upstairs to watch the Cowboys play and us girls made a Gingerbread house. Melissa didn't help until it was time to decorate the house and try to eat the hard candy! We had a great night with the family.
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Kaelyn said...

Looks like a fun gathering! Melissa's hair is getting so long and it looks like it is getting blonder??