Trick or Treat

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Yesterday was Halloween and our little girl was a ladybug. We took her to our Church Fall Festival last night and she had a blast. She is still to little for most of the games and rides. Melissa's favorite thing was riding the pony. Oh she loved every minute of that. She had a fit when she had to get off. Then we took her over to the petting area and well she was happy again. She was loving the bunny rabbit that was all by itself. Melissa also played tick tack toe with bean bags . Even though she didn't know what tick tack toe was she thought it was fun to throw the bags into the slots. Paul and I had to take turns helping our Bible Study class run the Texas Train. Melissa was to young to ride by herself and we couldn't get on it with her. Our friends daughter road with her and she like it.
Melissa's friend Kelsey was also there and she was dressed up as a bumble bee. She was so cute. I was able to get one picture of them together.

Our little Ladybug!
The two cutest Bugs!
Dada and his little Ladybug
Melissa with Mrs. Amy
Go pony faster!
I want that rabbit!

Dada and Melissa feeding the goats

Tick tack toe

Texas Train ride

The ride home from all the fun


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

She's the cutest lil' ladybug:)
Looks like she had a great time too=)

Kecia said...

Oh... What a cute ladybug!!
Melissa is such a angel!!

Kecia said...

Hey,i've tagged your blog! And i also gave it an I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD...
Go to my blog to get tha picture!

. said...

AWWWW, she looks like she had a great time!!! She is the cutest ladybug i've seen!!! Looks like the carnival we went to, but on this side of town.

. said...

Awwww, she looks like she had a great time!!! She is the cutest lady bug i've seen!!! That looks like the carnival we went to, just this side of town.

Chad & Amy said...

That carseat looks way too comfortable!

Love all the picts. of Fall Festival. It was wierd not being there this year. No pumpkin patches or costumes for us this year!