1st visit to the zoo

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Today was another 1st for Melissa. We meet up with our friends Lena and Kaelyn at the Fort Worth Zoo. When we arrived at the zoo we saw a whole parking lot of school buses and thought oh no! It wasn't as bad as we thought. We arrived at the zoo when it opened at 10:00, just in time for the monkeys to come out and play. Melissa wasn't to sure about the monkeys she started crying. I don't know if it was them talking or just because she has never seen Monkeys before. The girls loved the Big Kitty Cats. The Lion, Tigers and the baby cubs. Oh it was neat to see 4 baby Lion cubs. Melissa also like the pink flamingo. She wanted to get in there with the Ducks as she called them. We also found the petting area and Melissa wanted to touch the Goat. She thought it was the best thing. When we got to the Bird area we could hear something making a lot of noise and it was a big blue parrot. It was so loud that Kaelyn didn't like that one bit. I have to agree with Kaelyn it was loud. After we ate lunch we headed over to the Elephants and Giraffes. We could see the Elephant really well and the girls just talked to it. The Giraffes where to far away for them to see. I wish the would have had them closer. I just think Giraffes are a neat animal.
Kaelyn and Melissa did really well at the zoo and enjoyed talking to each other. I can see these two coming home with all kinds of animals when they get older. I just hope Melissa doesn't come home with a Goat!!

The Girls ready to go in to the Zoo!

The Monkeys that Melissa didn't like

The Girls checking out the Big Gorilla

The Big Kitty Cats

The Lion and her cubes

The Parrot that was very loud

Melissa petting the Goat

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Kaelyn said...

we had so much fun with both of you!