Our 6th Anniversary and Mother's Day!

May 11, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary Paul. Today is a double special day. I not only get to hear Happy Anniversary, but I get to hear Happy Mother's Day. I'm very blessed to be married to Paul and also be the mother of Melissa. The only thing wrong with this day is that I'm not with Paul. He didn't make it out to Lubbock on Friday so we're a part for most of the day. Melissa and I are flying home tonight.

6 years ago today was a beautiful day I was on cloud nine knowing I was about to marry my best friend. That still hasn't change. Yes our life has changed since Melissa entered the world, but I still love you Paul.

Last year on Mother's day I was ready to have Melissa. I still had over a month to go, but my legs, feet and hands OK my whole body was swollen. I couldn't walk with out my legs cramping up. I also had my 1st baby shower and that was fun. This year I get to love on my baby girl and I my body isn't swollen. I love being a mother. It is a hard job, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else.


Amy E. said...

I hope your Mother's day and Anniversary were wonderful!!
See you Tuesday night!

Kaelyn said...

Happy Mothers Day and Anniversary!