Thursday, March 20, 2008

Melissa and I have been congested since Monday! Paul and I are giving Melissa breathing treatments. Today was the first day. We have to give them to her twice a day.

I went to my doctor today. I just have a stuffy nose, that is caused by our early spring. My allergies are in full force. Please pray that Melissa will heal with out getting to sick. We don't want this go get in her lungs. I'm ready for a full night sleep for both of us. If I'm not up blowing my nose, I'm up with Melissa because she can't breath. Melissa doesn't want Daddy, only Mommy!

Check out my baby doing her breathing treatments. She doesn't like having the mask on her face.

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Kaelyn said...

We hope the two of you are well soon and those breathing treatments help Melissa.

p.s. I saw your new couch in the picture...very pretty!