Easter Weekend

What a great weekend we had. First, my mom came into town on Thursday. She only came to see Melissa! DD hasn't seen Melissa in over a month and just had to be here for her 1st Easter.

Friday night we went out to eat to celebrate Paul's new Job. We met up with our cousin Jana. Melissa loves going out to a restaurant. This is our 2nd time to take her since we stop taking her place in September. So I didn't know what she would do, but she is good.

Saturday we took Melissa to her 1st Easter Egg hunt that our Church sponsored. Well Melissa didn't know what to do with the eggs. She was to busy watching everyone else picking up eggs. Next year will be a different story. She will be running around looking for eggs. Our friends met up with us so we had to get the girls pictures.

Melissa also opened up her Easter gifts. It was all most like Christmas. She got two new Elmo videos, a new cell phone, a lamb that plays "Jesus loves me" and her cool Easter basket.

Sunday we said goodbye to DD and then went to Paul's sisters for Easter Lunch.

Hope you had a Great Easter!

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Kaelyn said...

I loved seeing all of the pics. Looks like you all had a great weekend too! Hope Melissa enjoys her cell phone as much as Kaelyn! You are right...next year will be interesting!