It's A Girl!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I had my 20 week appointment last Monday and the doctor confirmed we are having another GIRL! We are excited that about having another girl. Melissa is already looking forward to her baby sister. She will tell you she wants a baby brother because most of her friends have new baby brothers. It will be fun to see them grow up and I hope they will be best friends.
Baby Peanut is grow and she looks great. I really can feel her moving these days.

I'm past the half way point and can't believe I'm at 5 months. I guess we can now start getting the nursery ready.

Here is a picture of me that Paul took two weeks ago. I know I look big, but I really haven't gained a lot of weight. I just have a baby belly.


Kort said...

Congrats!!! Same sex siblings are so much fun!

Walt and Sarah said...

Congrats on another girl!!

I hope we get to have a girl! (I'd be thrilled with a boy too, of course!)