New pictures of the house

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wow the house is coming together fast. Last Saturday we took my mom out to see our new house and we could not believe they had the brick and the drywall up. My mom was very exited for us and can't wait to come visit and have her own room.

Last night Paul, Melissa and I went out to check on the house and again new things went up.
The garage door is on and the outside had been painted, we have a sidewalk and a driveway. The walls had be textured and the cabinets in both bathrooms and kitchen are in. We really feel like the builders are moving a long fast. Paul and I are still hoping for the end of May.


Mark, Lena, Kaelyn and Connor said...

The house is coming along great. I love the cabinets! Very pretty color. I can't believe how fast it is moving. Yep you might be in by the end of May!

Chad & Amy said...

How exciting! It is coming along fast :) Got to get it ready before the new baby!