Melissa started her TOBI treatment today

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After a week of waiting to start Melissa on TOBI the day has come. When Melissa and I where at the CF Clinic last Tuesday her Social Worker gave me a coupon for a $10 co-pay for TOBI. She said I think you will need this. Boy was she right about that. After dropping off Melissa prescription the pharmacy called me and told me that it would be $1,095.21 that we would owe. I was in shock had no idea it was that much. Our insurance would pay $4000. So I told them to hold off on filling the prescription and I called the Novartis $10 co-pay and Melissa was eligible for the program. I can't tell you how happy I was to only pay $10.

After reading up on TOBI and getting some advice we started Melissa on it this morning. She has to take 2x day 12 hours apart for 28 days. Melissa morning began around 8:00am with her albuterol breathing treatment about 15 minutes and then the TOBI for 30 minutes. It is giving me some good bonding time with her. I pray this will kill the bacteria and she doesn't grow it again anytime soon.
I'll keep you update on how she is doing with the treatment.

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Amy E. said...

so totally LOVE the cowgirl picture! glad Melissa's treatment has begun. we sooo need to get together..or at least visit!! soon!! miss you!