I want to be a cowgirl!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today Melissa's class at preschool dressed up in their western wear.

Let me set one picture up for you.
Melissa doesn't have anything western wear so I was in walmart looking for a cheap cowboy hat, found one in the toy area for $5 and then went looking for some kind of boots. Since they had all there winter boots on sale I just knew I would find some type of boots for her to wear. Not even looking for cowboy boots. I came across some cowboy boots for $7 marked down from $19. Then I remembered Melissa had a pink bandanna that Auntie Peyt gave her when she was born. Over the weekend I had Melissa try on the boots and hat to make sure it fit.
I will let the picture speck for it self.

Here is our cowgirl all dressed up and ready for school

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Somer Love said...

Darling!!! Love the look!