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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My sister Peyton and Brother in-law welcomed into the world their twins today. The babies are about 6 weeks early. Peyton went to the hospital last night because her blood pressure was up, the doctor wanted to keep her at the hospital over night to monitor her blood pressure. About 1:00pm today the doctor told Peyton and Alex that she had preeclampsia and that they need to deliver the babies today. So after a c-section Peyton and Alex finally got to meet their babies.
Peyton is doing well after the c-section.

River Isabella was born @ 7:16pm weighing in at 3lb 11oz, 16 1/2in long
Ecko Jude was born @ 7:17pm weighing in at 4lb 6oz, 18in long

Both River and Ecko are doing well and are breathing on their own. They are in NICU and hoping they don't have to stay in there long.
We also know that Peyton is not a carrier for CF so we don't have to worry about them having CF.
Paul, Melissa and I won't get to meet River and Ecko until May, it is going to be so hard not go visit before then. Melissa doesn't understand about her baby cousins. She knows that they are in Auntie Peyt's tummy, but she isn't going to understand when she sees pictures of them. Once I get pictures I will post them.

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