Melissa having stomach problems CFrelated

Thursday, February 25, 2010
Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed Melissa has had some stomach issues. As a CF caregiver one thing I have to do is make sure Melissa's BM is normal. If you don't have CF or don't take care of anyone with CF then this post might seem like to much TMI (To Much Info). Well one thing Paul and I noticed when Melissa was born she had a lot of greasy stool. As she has gotten older we have had noticed it every once an a while and also that she has a lot of gas. Since Melissa has been on enzymes she has only had to increase the amount she takes four times. The last time the doctor increased her enzymes was back in September 2009. That put her at 4 enzymes per meal and 2 enzymes for a snack. Two weeks ago when I noticed Melissa having trouble the doctor said to give her 5 enzymes per meal and 3 per snack. That didn't seem to help. Melissa was still having lots of gas and her stool was still greasy. This past Monday I called back and told the clinic and they said to give her 6 enzymes per meal and see if that helps. I have to say it is working!
I'm sure all of you with CF can relate to Melissa. I'm glad we could figure the problem out that nothing else was wrong.

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