Decorating the Christmas Tree and visiting Santa Claus

On Saturday, November 21, 2009 we started to get in the Christmas spirit by decorating the Christmas Tree. Melissa was so excited about the Christmas Tree. I told her when she went down for her nap that after nap time she could help mommy and daddy with the Christmas Tree. The first thing she asked about was the tree when she got up. She went running in to the living room and said look at the big tree. We had a fun time her decorating the tree. We had Christmas music going. I didn’t have time to put out the rest of our Christmas things so I had wait until after Thanksgiving to get the stockings and all the other things out.

Melissa also went to see Santa Claus and wasn’t sure about sitting in his lap and talking to him. She wouldn’t tell him what she wanted so I guess we need to get a letter in the mail soon.

Getting ready to go see Santa

Santa Claus and Melissa 2009

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