Melissa sleeping in a big girl bed

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday night Melissa made the move from a baby bed to her big girl bed. She help us take down her baby bed and she even kissed it goodbye. She helped us get her big girl bed all together. She could not wait to lay down on it. Melissa is going to use my old bed room furniture that I had as a little girl and it was also my moms when she was a little girl. The head board, foot board and the night stand are being refinished and we hope to have them back by December and then we will have the two dresser draws done. We found a nice man to do this for us. Once we get all of the pieces back and get her room all put together I will post pictures. Until then here are some pictures of Melissa in her baby bed for the last time and of her in the big girl bed.
The first night she slept great , when she woke up the next morning she was asking when can she take a nap. She was ready to go back to sleep in her bed. She is doing really well with the bed.
Last night in her baby bed
Right after we put up her big girl bed
First night sleeping in her big girl bed
First nap in her big girl bed

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