Melissa's CF appointment

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Melissa had her CF appointment today. I can't believe it took us 3 1/2 hours today! I found out that the clinic is going paperless and the Doctors are having a hard time with the new system. I hope they know how to us the system in December or I will have to come up with some fun things to do for Melissa. I have learned over the last year to bring toys, books anything that will keep her happy. Melissa did really well today. She was a big girl today when she had her x-rays taken. Her chest x-rays looked really good. She still has clear lungs. Melissa has gained 2lbs since her last CF visit. That is good that she still continues to gain weight. It seems to be harder to feed her these days. She is getting so picky about what she wants to eat. I still have a hard time getting her to eat her vegetables.
Paul and I have noticed that Melissa was having some stomach problems like lots of gas. We didn't know if this could be CF related or not. The Doctor and the Dietitian thought it could be that Melissa needs extra enzymes. They have increased her enzymes to 4 capsules per meal and 2 per snacks. We will see if this will help her stomach out. Other than that nothing else to report. Melissa will go back in December right before Christmas!

I did ask about Melissa getting the swine flu shot and they recommend that she gets one and also us. We have already received the regular flu shot, but the swine flu should be available in October.


Katey said...

YAY for a good appointment! Hopefully the increase in enzymes will help her stomach!!!!

I'm a very picky eater; and being a cf patient, my Mom would let me eat really anything when i was little because it was more important for me to gain weight, verses eating healthy all the time. However, I don't like any fruits or vegetables...and haven't grown out of it. (well, I do eat grapes, applesauce and then green peas and beans), but that's it!!

Amy E. said...

Got your email yesterday..PTL for a great check up!! I need to call you..we need to catch up!

Kecia said...

Whoa! I'm glad to read good news!

When i was little i dindt like to eat my veggies... But as i was getting older i kinda learned to enjoy them!