Melissa CF Check up

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Tuesday Melissa had her CF Check up and it was another good check up.

She has to go every three months. First I have to say it has been a fast two years. On this day Melissa took cupcakes to the CF Clinic to help celebrate her 2nd Birthday, but also to thank the CF Staff for all they have done for us. It hasn't been an easy two years, but it has been good. The staff was so surprised that Melissa thought of them. I think it's important that we thank them.

Melissa's check up was great once again she is doing well. Her lungs are clear and her weight is good. She weighs 29lbs and is 35 inches tall. Melissa's was examined by Dr. Prestidge today. He was one of the first CF Doctors we met and he was shock to see her. He said that she doesn't look like a CF patient. He means this because of her weight and she isn't cough all the time.

Paul and I went to a CF seminar back in April and got to meet Adult CF patients. It was great to hear their stories and how they are living a normal life. The oldest adult was a 51 year old female. She has twin boys who are 21 years old. She was telling us the stories of when she was diagnosed. She said the Young kids these days have it made with all the drugs, and medical supplies.
Also a Doctor from Cook's Children gave us some great news that there is a drug in the testing faze that looks promising.

Once again thanks for your prayers, I truly believe that this is why Melissa is so healthy because of all the prayers.

Here are some pictures of the CF Staff with Melissa

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Marc and Charity said...

That is great news that she is so healthy!!!