Update on Potty Training

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For those who care to know how potty training is going, I’m sorry I haven’t’ posted since Saturday. Things have been crazy around here not just with potty training.

I was able to e-mail the lady who wrote 3 day potty training, this is part of her package when you buy her e-book. She has been helping me come up with a new reward program for Melissa when she goes pee pee and poop in the potty. I have to say that Melissa is doing better since my last post on Saturday. I told you Melissa was constipated, well not any more and she is telling us when she needs to go poop. She has mastered that before the peeing. On Monday she still wasn’t getting the concept of going pee pee before it’s too late. After the advice from the lady, I started a new reward program on Monday. I won’t go in to details because this is part of the e-book and I’m not suppose to be sharing too much. Fast forward to yesterday (Tuesday) and things are way different. Melissa is telling us when she needs to potty. It just clicked yesterday. I even took Melissa to the park and she played for an hour. I kept telling we don’t pee pee at the park, if you need to go pee pee tell me and we will go to the big girl potty. She waited until we got home to go pee pee.

The night time isn’t going as well, but I also started an award program for that and I have to say last night was the first night that I didn’t have to change sheets. My mom went in around 11:00 to see if she needed to pee and she was dry, so my mom put her on the potty but she didn’t go. Around 12:00 Melissa started crying out so I thought maybe she has to go or is wet. I got her up and she was dry. I also put her on the potty, but she didn’t need to go. Around 4:00 I went back in because I thought she had to be wet by this point and again she was dry. Took her to the potty and she went like a big girl. She is even going back to sleep with out a problem. When she woke up this morning her bed was wet, but that is big improvement.

Yes, it’s been a week since we started this and I still think the program is good. This lady isn’t a doctor, but she is a mom of five and has helped so many moms and dads out. I also have to remember that every child is different and Melissa is 22 months old. If I can have her completely potty training in two weeks, I feel it’s better than 2 months. I will be answering questions for those who have asked by the end of the week.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

YEA for Melissa!! She is doing GREAT!! I can't wait until you answer all of our questions;)

Kecia said...

Good job Melissa!!