2nd night of potty training and the 3rd full day of potty training

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The second night of potty training was a little better, but she still had two accidents. I really think this is going to more challenging then the daytime because I can be with Melissa all day and at night will I to busy sleeping. Melissa went potty before bedtime so I thought that was good. Around 2:00am she was up crying out. Sure enough she had wet the bed and was peeing when I walked in. I scooped her out of bed and ran to the bathroom, which is not far at all. She went pee pee in the potty. I was proud of her. She still woke up this morning with a wet bed again! I did get her up an hour earlier but it was to late. It’s just going to take time with the nighttime. I just don’t want it to become a habit.
My mom is coming in and staying a week with us so maybe she can help me at night.

The third day of potty training went well! After waking up and getting our day started Melissa didn’t have but one accident, but it was very small amount in her panties, we made it to the bathroom in time. That was her only time to pee in the morning. I was giving her the same amount of liquid I had been giving her the last two days. It makes me wonder can she really hold it! So lunchtime came around and we ate outside on the patio. We needed some fresh air. It’s killing me not to be outside playing at the park or just running errands in the beautiful weather. Well Melissa had her first poop accident. If I would had been right by her side she would not have had it. She was heading to the bathroom, but just could not hold it. It might have been good that she had the poop accident because she saw the mess and I had to explain to her that we don’t poop in our panties. So I guess time will tell with that as well.

Time for nap and I put Melissa on the potty because it had been awhile before going in the morning. She was a pro she went pee pee in the potty! Melissa woke up from her nap with a dry bed. I was so proud of her. The afternoon and evening was busy running to the potty. Yes, she has caught on that she is going pee pee and just can’t seem to hold it. She did have small accidents in her panties about 7 but it was nothing like the first day with puddles of pee every where. Every time she was on the potty she would pee. I know that the days to come will even get better so I really feel Melissa is about 70% day time potty trained.

I will continue to blog about this for the rest of the weekend and then give my personal thoughts and share with you more about the 3-day potty training. I know most of my readers are mom with small kids so I hope the other readers will hang in there. It won’t always be about potty training!


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Wow 70%!! That's AWESOME!! Does she still sleep in a crib? That's got to be a pain changing sheets if she does. I've been thinking of training Lil' Chris to sleep in his toddler bed first before I start potty training him. What do you think?

Graciy said...

do you use a training potty or the or the big potty? Great job bye the way!

Kecia said...