Moved and unpacking

Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been a week since we started moving. Last Thursday DD came in to help me out while Paul was still out of town. DD helped me out so much. If she wasn't watching Melissa while I packed she was busy helping me pack. We could not have done this move with out DD's help. Thank you DD for all your hard work.

I think we have about 90% of the boxes unpacked. I hope to have them all gone this weekend. Melissa did well during the move, she seems to be happy hear. One good thing about this new apartment is that she has a big room that she can play in. It helps to have all her toys in her room and not all over the living room. Ie like the new apartment it has more room and feels like a little home. One thing I have noticed is we can hear our upstairs neighbors walking, but we can get use to that.

I have some pictures of Melissa , but I haven't found the cord to the camera to download them. Once I do I will share with you.

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