I've been Tagged!

Okay I have been "Tagged" by Kimber..so that means I have to post 7 Random things about myself.

1) I started wearing glasses when I was six years old! Yes, I had the big coke bottle glasses! I really want to have eye surgery. I hate getting up in the middle of the night looking for my glasses.

2) I started playing tennis in 7th grade and stopped playing in the 11th grade. I love tennis and want to start taking it up again. I bet I would have to start all over!

3) My first real job besides babysitting was working at Dairy Queen age 16. I was so good at making Chocolate Dipped cones that my boss sent me to a contest. I came in third!

4) I bought my first car buy saving my Dairy Queen checks. OK I only saved $1,000 and my grandparents helped with the rest of the down payment. I kept my 1993 ford Mustang till August 2007.

5) Speaking of my 2 door Ford Mustang, I packed it up on October 19, 1997 and moved to Dallas. I was 19 at the time. I really didn’t know what I was doing. My Great Aunt let me rent a room from her. I lived with her for four years. I finally moved out and got my own Apartment and then six months later I was getting married. I have only lived by myself for 6 months.

6) When I worked for Southwest Airlines I was at a party and a famous person was there. She was picking people to dance with her. She pulled me out of the crowd and I had to dance in front of my co-workers. She taught me the "Cuchi-Cuchi" she also appeared on "The Love Boat". Do you know whom I’m talking about? It’s Charo! I have a picture of me dancing with her, but I have it packed some place. I will have to find it and scan it and posted it on the blog.

7) My sweet husband proposed to me on top of Heavenly Mountain at Lake Tahoe.

So now I need to TAG Lena, Margarita, Tina


Brian & Amy England said...

Love it!! Great stuff!

Margarita said...

That is amazing, I didn't know all those things about you. I mean I knew you lived with your aunt, but I didn't know you moved to Dallas at 19 or that you only lived on your own for 6 months. :) Nor did I know you danced with Charo!! I'll have to respond, later, I'm going to bed now. :) Thanks for sharing!!