Melissa's 6 month Check up

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yesterday I took Melissa in to see her doctor because she is coughing and has a stuffy nose. While we where there went on and had her 6 month check up. Melissa doesn't have a cold, ear infection or anything else wrong. The doctor thinks its from the heater. He did say her lungs sound good and to watch her cough, if it continues for the next week to call him.

As for her 6 month check up Melissa is weighing 17lbs 14 oz (90%) and in height she is 25 1/2 inches (50-75%) her head measured 42cm (25-50%).
Melissa is right on track with her development. The doctor did say to start baby proofing before she starts crawling.

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Marc and Charity said...

Traci- great news on her development and so thankful she does not have any illness right now!

Also wanted to thank you for the Christmas card, how sweet of you to send us one all the way here! I love how her little hand is on your face, so precious!

Merry Christmas!