Christmas Gathering with Friends

Paul, Melissa and I met up with some of our dearest friends for our 7th annual Christmas Gathering. When we started this Christmas Gathering it was just the girls. The next year we added the husbands and two kids to the gathering. Now it has grown with lots of kids. We have Karl who is 14, Jakob who is 5, Javier who is 3 1/2, Luisa who is 3, Cole who will be 3 in February, Talon who will be 3 in March, Luke who is 1, Melissa who is 6 months and Mia who is 4 months. Our friends Tina and Landon are excepting there second child in late February early March. It's going to be a girl! We are happy it's a girl. For the longest time it was Luisa and the boys.

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Kaelyn said...

that is so fun to watch all of the pictures and how each year you add more people to the group.