Melissa's vest treatment

On Friday, October 1st Melissa had her CF Clinic appointment. She is doing well and growing like a weed. Her doctors are very pleased to see her doing so well. As the winter gets closer we start to get worried that she will come down with something, but she has had her flu shot so that will help, but can't keep the head cold away from her at school. Melissa's Doctor and Respiratory therapist think that it's time for Melissa to have her own Vest. In the past Paul and I have been doing her CPT's, but the Vest is supposed to be better for her and it also helps clear her lungs (if she has anything in them) better. Here is the website about the Vest if you want to know more
The Vest was invented for CF patients so it's one of a kind. Now days it's being used for other patients with other lung problems.

Melissa received her Vest on Saturday and after being trained on how to use it, she has been using the vest everyday. We requested a pink vest, but they sent her a black one. Should be getting the pink one soon. I just wanted to give you and up date on the new treatment for Melissa. She can do her breathing treatments while the vest is on. As you see in the video she likes it for now, but she might get tired of it like she does with her breathing treatments. Check out the video below.

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