Melissa hanging out with her school friends

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It has been a blessing to watch Melissa be a kid. Since she has started school she has made some friends and everyday these 4 have to give each other a hug before starting the school day. Melissa was in the same class with the other three, but I ended up moving her to another room because of some behavior issues she was having. Things are better for her and she loves her new teachers and has made friends in her new class room.

On Friday Melissa and I met her friends and their moms at the park. It was a beautiful early spring day. The kids had fun running around chasing each other. I love seeing Melissa with her friends just having a good time and not a care in the world. In her little friends eyes there isn't anything wrong with Melissa, they don't know she has CF. Melissa doesn't even know that she has CF, we talk about it with her but she is to young to understand. God has blessed Melissa with lots of wonderful friends and we are so thankful to have each and every friend.

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Halsey said...

Hi Traci,

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