Melissa's CF Appointment

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melissa had her CF appointment yesterday and everything went well. She has gotten taller since her last appointment 3 months ago. She is right at 36in and she weighs 31lb 11.9oz. She didn't gain much weight from her last appointment, but her doctors aren't concerned at this time. Her lungs sound clear, praise the lord! She does have some congestion in her nose, but it could just be the change in weather and having the heat on that has got her congested. I know that both Paul and I have had some sinus pressure the last week.
Melissa did great today at her appointment she received her 2nd half of the H1N1 shot and also had to have blood work today. The CF Clinic gave her a stocking full of fun things in it, like her first barbie doll, a reindeer, Christmas book, a nice warm hat and some fun ELMO cups. Also every year the clinic gives the patients a Christmas ornament, she picked out a snowman ornament this year.

As we were waiting to get her blood taken the staff down in the Lab gave her a Beanie Baby Christmas Bear. She thought this was the best thing coming to this appointment getting all kinds of fun things.

We are so blessed this Christmas that Melissa is doing so well. It has been fun this year to get out and do fun things with her this season. We still are being careful where we take her, but she is have a lot of fun this Christmas season.

Melissa with all her goodies

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Katey said...

I'm so glad her appointment went well and she is doing good! The clinic staff is so sweet to put forth the effort to give the patients goodies like that. Hope she continues to do well. Merry Christmas!