Melissa sleeping on her new nap mat

Saturday, August 29, 2009
In my last post Melissa's 1st day at preschool I said she didn't take a nap that day. I'm sure it's because she was not use to have other people in the room while she was resting and also her nap time at home is around 1:00pm. Nap time or rest time at preschool is 11:45am. I had bought Melissa an inexpensive nap mate from WalMart, but it was just one of those plan mats. My friend was telling me where she got her daughters nap mat and it wasn't over $100. That was the problem I was find was the custom made nap mats with a pillow and blankets cost around $100 or more. I wasn't about to spend that on a nap mat that may or may not get used. My friend told me about Custom Baby Boutique I ordered Melissa the ready to ship nap mat and had her name put on it. Custom Baby Boutique is awesome, I ordered the mat on late Wednesday night and on Friday afternoon I had it in my hands. I will be using them for future orders. Melissa was so excited about this new nap mat that she wanted to take a nap on it yesterday. I started laughing and said " you take a nap on the floor and not in your bed"? She took a two hour nap in her new nap mat on her bedroom floor with all her toys all around her. I told her " if I hear you playing I will take your mat away and put you in your bed". Melissa was a sleep in 5 minutes. I could not believe my eyes. Today she is taking another nap on her mat. I hope on Tuesday when she goes back to school she will want to take a nap on her mat. I will let you know how that goes.

Here are some pictures of Melissa's cool nap mat


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Cool! Melissa is super-cool!