Melissa turns two!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our baby girl is two years old today! At 11:19am on June 17, 2007 she entered the world with her eyes wide open! It's hard to believe how fast two years has come and gone. I will posted more later on today, but I wanted to let all our blogger friends know about the special day today.

Melissa had her birthday party last Saturday so I'm working on the video. This morning I took Melissa to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then off to the doctors for her 2 year check up. I didn't think she would care if she got a shot on her Birthday! After her appointment we met our cousin Jana for lunch at Chick Fil A . Melissa has already had a busy day and I'm sure more surprises to come later on. Daddy is out of town this week so he is missing all the fun!

Mommy singing Happy Birthday to Me. Look at my sprinkle donut!


Marc and Charity said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!! That donut looks YUMMY! :)

Katey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!!! May God continue to bless her!

Kecia said...

Happy B-day Melissa!!!

You are so blessed!

You have a beautiful family... And lots of friends who love you very much, even though some of these friends never met you...

Our love is bigger than all the universe!!

We pray for you so Jesus will be aways by your side guiding you in every step you take!

A big hug from your friends in Brazil!

Kecia e Nisia.