What we have been up to other than potty training

Saturday, May 9, 2009

About three weeks ago my Aunt came to see us. She hasn't met Melissa and was in the DFW area for the weekend. This would be Melissa Great Aunt. It was nice to see her. This was right after I started potty training so I was stressed out.

Also the same day my mom (DD) as Melissa calls her came in and stayed 9 days with us. I tell you my mom (DD) was a big help to me while Paul was gone on a business trip. DD helped me with Melissa's potty training and also I got to get out of the house and run errands with out Melissa. I even took time to go to the dentist. Melissa loved having DD giving her all her attention.


Katey said...

Hey...yes, you can share the link of my graduation stuff on your blog. If you look on the video on my blog, there is an option that says: "link" or "embedd." Embedd means that when you post it it will have the picture, like it is on my blog. If you choose link, then it will show up as a link that you click on. Whichever one you choose, you will see the option to "copy" the html code. Click "copy" then paste it on your blog. For the link to the article, click on my link on my post, then when you get to the page, just copy and paste the link in the address bar. Make sense? If this doesn't work...send me your email address and i'll email it to you. THANKS :) You are too sweet! And yes...this will be Melissa one day!

Kecia said...

Melissa is so cute...DD... Funny!