Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday, St. Patrick's Day and Melissa is 21 months

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today our friends, Lena and Kaelyn came over for a play date. Kaelyn turned 2 yesterday so I thought it would be fun to celebrate her Birthday. I bought cupcakes and had candles for her to blow out. Since today is St. Patrick's Day I bought cupcakes with green icing on them. The girls had a great time playing together. We went out on the patio and had fun with the bubbles. The girls were having a blast trying to blow bubbles. Melissa is likes having her friends over to play. It just seems like yesterday Kaelyn was born and I had 3 more months to go with Melissa. Lena and I looked back and can't believe that our girls are growing up so fast. Melissa turn 21 months today, that means 3 more months and she will be turning 2!

Dad's Lucky Charm!

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Kecia said...

So cute!! Happy birthday Kaelyn!