ELMO Live was a big hit

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last night Paul and I took Melissa to see Elmo's Green Thumb. Our dear friend Erica works at Nokia Live in Grand Prairie where the show was at. She called late Friday night asking if we still wanted tickets. She got three tickets in one of the Suites. It was perfect because it was our family and two other families.

Yesterday afternoon we started telling Melissa we were going to go see Elmo. I had bought her a new Elmo shirt a couple of weeks ago for the summer, but I thought she just had to wear it to see Elmo. Since it was in the 40's I had to put long sleeves under it. On the car ride to the Nokia I kept telling her about Elmo. Once we got to our seats she was already in to it. She heard Big Bird talking telling everyone take your seat the show will start in 3 minutes.

Once the show started she was hooked! Bert and Ernie came out first and she was talking and clapping at them. Then here comes more of the Sesame Street Characters. She was out of her seat in a heart beat dancing to the music, jumping up and down and singing. Oh what a great night just watching her face and seeing her have a good time. We know she will not remember this but at least we have pictures and video of her.


Mark, Lena and Kaelyn said...

So fun!! We are actually going tonight. I have had some other friends go see it and talk about how great it was. I told mark this morning and we decided we had to take her too see him. I can't wait to see kaelyns reaction to him.

Kecia said...

Funny...And So sweet!
She is avery smart girl!

Welove you in Christ!!

Chad & Amy said...

Looks like you guys had fun!
I'm also impressed with your singing on the video :)

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

How cute! Glad she liked it!